Microsoft 365 Services

Maximize the power of Microsoft 365 in your modern workplace with our customizable solutions. Unlock productivity and collaboration through tailored configurations and personalized training. Experience the full potential of Microsoft 365 and elevate your workplace efficiency.

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Information Management System

Unlock the power of streamlined compliance, governance, and document management with our secure Microsoft 365 Information Management toolset. Seamlessly enhance employee productivity while effortlessly safeguarding sensitive information. Upgrade your organization's efficiency and security today!

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Personalised Intranet

Transform your hybrid workplace with a fully functional, mobile-ready intelligent Intranet tailored to your needs! Our modern Intranet solution encompasses a corporate newsroom, events calendar, CXO blogs, and a centralized portal to key applications, team sites, project sites, and departmental sites. Embrace the future of collaboration, communication, and seamless access to resources all in one dynamic platform.

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Microsoft Teams Governance

Take charge of Teams sprawl within Microsoft Teams by implementing a user-friendly governance model that leverages templates, approval workflows, and usage dashboards. With our custom Microsoft Teams Governance Plan, tailored to your specific setup and requirements, you can effectively manage and regulate the use of Teams, ensuring a streamlined and organized collaboration experience for your employees. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to structured teamwork in Microsoft Teams!

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Enterprise Search

Unlock productivity and save valuable time for your employees with a customized organization-wide search experience. Our solution leverages the power of Microsoft Search to deliver personalized search results, connecting diverse information sources and providing custom refiners that accelerate information discovery. Say goodbye to endless searching and hello to a tailored search experience that boosts productivity like never before!

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Microsoft 365 Document Migration

Unlock the full potential of your Microsoft 365 tenant with our specialised document migration services. Experience a seamless transition as we expertly design, plan, and migrate your documents from legacy file shares and on-premises systems to the dynamic SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business apps. Say goodbye to business disruptions and hello to enhanced productivity and collaboration.

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Knowledge Management

Unleash the power of knowledge management within your organization by deploying a centralized portal using Microsoft Viva and SharePoint Syntex. With this cutting-edge solution, you can effortlessly collate business-critical data from various content sources and automate document classification, resulting in improved information discovery and heightened employee productivity. Say goodbye to information overload and hello to a streamlined knowledge ecosystem that empowers your workforce to find what they need, when they need it.

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Business Continuity & Cloud Backups

Stay productive and work seamlessly from anywhere with our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) tailored to your needs. Experience peace of mind knowing that your critical data in Microsoft Office 365 apps, such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online, is backed up and easily restorable. Embrace uninterrupted operations and ensure the safety of your valuable information, empowering your team to stay productive and focused on what matters most. Trust us to safeguard your work environment and enable remote work with confidence.

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Information Security & Governance

Enhance your information security and governance with our comprehensive suite of services leveraging Microsoft Purview. We offer advanced solutions to efficiently classify, protect, and manage your data, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigating security risks. With our expertise, you can gain valuable insights, establish robust data governance practices, and confidently protect your organization's sensitive information. Trust us to safeguard your data, streamline your governance processes, and empower your business with Microsoft Purview.

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