Personalised Intelligent Intranet

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Is your Intranet still running on SharePoint on-premises or still worse is it put together using ASP.NET? Migrating or building a modern intranet solution should not be hard and take months.

When you signup to our Personalised Intelligent Intranet solution offering, we will plan, design and build a personalised and mobile-friendly intranet portal based on your business requirements.

Using the native modern out of the box features of SharePoint Online and other Office 365 apps, your new intranet solution will be fully compatible with future Microsoft updates and the best thing is you do not require to painstakingly migrate your intranet ever again!

Included Features

Your business branding

Custom logo and colour palette suited with your business branding for both desktop sites and the SharePoint mobile app.

Mobile App

Securely access intranet on your favourite mobile device. Supports both iOS and Android platforms.

Mega Menu

Consistent top navigation across all Intranet sites. Using Audience Targeting capabilities you can show customised menu links based user's role.


Manage organisation-wide news articles and media from a centralised portal with publishing mechanism. Also, supports the ability to create Newsletters.

Video Hosting

Securely host and share all your internal videos using Microsoft Stream.

Team Collaboration

Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. Push Intranet pages, libraries and lists as Tabs in Microsoft Teams.

Custom Forms

Collect user feedback and conduct surveys using Microsoft Forms.

Intelligent Search

Discover content when you need using intelligent Microsoft Search capabilities and deep personalised insights surfaced by the Microsoft Graph. Supports both business-wide (Enterprise) and contextual searching.

Business Events

Create and share business-wide events from the central portal. Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

Staff Directory

Find staff based on the skills, projects & interests. Comes with integration with your Organisation Structure and Active Directory.

Departmental Sites

Intranet sites for each of up to 4 main departments (or business units). Comes with Site Templates for additional sites as required.

Site Analytics

Track and report on site usage at individual sites or across the complete Intranet.

Social Feeds

Showcase internal (Yammer) and external (Twitter) social conversations.

Task Management

Integration with Microsoft Planner and To-Do to work on Team or user tasks.

Personalisation Web parts

My Feed web parts, intelligently bring together relevant documents, news, activities and other content that is personalised for your user. Using the personalisation web parts, you can create a user-centric digital workplace dashboard.

Call To Action (CTA) Buttons

The Call to Action Buttons allow your users to engage and take action. With Call to Action buttons, you can add explanatory text and background images to draw user's attention.

Integrated Publishing Workflows

Using integrated Power Automate flows, you can set up Page Approval and Publishing suited with your business process.

Knowledge Management Portal (Coming Soon)

Your Intranet portal creates an automated knowledge network based on relationships among topics, content, and people using advanced AI capabilities and Microsoft Graph.

How it works

Plan & Design

Our senior Office 365 consultant will conduct a series of planning and designing workshops onsite with your existing Intranet team members. We will produce a solution design and Information Architecture model for your new intranet.


During the build phase, we will build the sites, pages and intranet features as per the solution and information architecture model. During this time, you will keep your team in the loop to get feedback.

Test, Deploy & Handover

Finally, we will make sure the solution is built according to the agreed design and your feedback. Then, we will deploy the solution on the main SharePoint site in your Office 365 tenant and train your page authors and site admins on how to use SharePoint Online to manage your new intranet.


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