Implement custom Microsoft Teams Governance

Invest in governance, not just technology. Microsoft Teams is a powerful platform and it’s easy to use. You need a governance plan to help you get the most out of it. We've helped many businesses create customised governance models that work for their business and their employees' needs. Book your free consultation call to discuss your Microsoft Teams Governance requirements.

Power of Microsoft Teams Governance

Three reasons why you should implement Microsoft Teams Governance in your organisation

Increase employee productivity and collaboration

Ensure your employees are using Microsoft Teams for maximum benefit. Implement an effective governance model with Microsoft Teams Governance. Choose from templates, approval workflows, and usage dashboards that are user-friendly and tailored to suit your setup. You can improve how your team collaborates with Microsoft Teams Governance.

Control your Microsoft Teams sprawl

There is no such thing as too much corporate knowledge, but there is such a thing as too many Microsoft Teams. With Microsoft Teams Governance, you can keep tabs on team size, content duplication and inconsistent messaging across your company.

Implement robust Information Security and Compliance

Ensure the information in your Microsoft Teams is secure and compliant with features like sharing controls, user permissions, compliance policies, and a range of auditing logs. Rest easy knowing that your teams' information is safe and sound.