Employee complaint form | Free Microsoft Forms template

Oftentimes, a workplace brings different kinds of people with different ideas and diversity. With this kind of set up, problems may arise very easily, especially due to differences in opinions and ways of doing things. While some problems may be work-related, others may simply be personal. Therefore, as an employee, you may be subjected to various kinds of harassment, discrimination, verbal abuse, insubordination, bullying, and theft, to mention a few. When such offenses are committed unto you, you need not fight back. The surest and appropriate way of addressing such is filling an employee complaint form.

A reporting manager or HR official may need to come up with a way of settling such complaints before they affect the employee personally and productivity of your workforce. Generally, an employee complaint form serves as a communication between the dissatisfied employee and the concern department or individual. Since approaching HR directly is not possible every time to discuss, in such cases this form will be helpful. This form is most useful to submit the employee grievance in virtual workspace or when when working remotely.

Access the free Microsoft Form template here and setup your own employee compliant management process using Microsoft Forms subscription included with your Microsoft 365 subscription. The template supports collecting complaints anonymously by default. However, the employee can decide to share their contact details if required.

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