Microsoft 365 Records Management Training

Remote training for your Records & Compliance Management teams on how to use Microsoft Office 365 native features to create, manage, govern, discover, and dispose of business-critical information securely. Book your free consultation call to discuss your training requirements.

Training Summary

Hands-on training for your record managers and data compliance team members to master using Office 365 out of the box records management, data compliance and standard information security features. This is a must-do training program if you want to ensure business data is secure and is compliant with legislative/industry standards.

Office 365 records management enables compliance with your business data policies and regulations for your business-critical records. Using out of the box capabilities you can create or import retention labels into your file plan, and author policies to publish or auto-apply those labels. You can manage how your data is kept and how you are kept up-to-date about new or upcoming retention events.

After completing this training program, your records management and data compliance team will be able to:

  • Ensure business records are properly declared and stored immutability with a full audit.
  • Be compliant with industry data regulations and internal policies.
  • Reduce risk in the event of litigation or security breaches caused by either internal or external threats.
  • Help the rest of the organisation share knowledge more effectively and be productive.

Training Agenda

List of items covered in the training:

Records Management

  • Using the file plan manager
    • How to create labels (records, retention, disposition)
    • Setup label policies
    • Navigating the file plan
    • Exporting labels for offline reviews
    • Importing retention labels
    • Applying labels
      • Manual Labels
      • Auto-apply Labels (based on sensitive info, keywords, phrases, metadata properties and email rules)
      • Default Labels (SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups, Teams, Document Libraries)
    • Priority order labels
    • Monitoring labels - Label Activity Explorer, Label Analytics & Data Governance Reports.
    • Content Search using labels
  • Assign eDiscovery permissions
  • Create cases and legal holds
  • Create and run a content search
  • Export search results
  • Manage Disposition reviews
  • Monitor and review label activity
  • Create event-driven retention - manual and automatic events
  • Permissions levels for your records team
  • Manage the lifecycle of SharePoint documents
  • Data Archiving
  • Manage auditing and alert policies
    Managing Compliance Score (in preview)

Information Security

  • Sensitivity Labels
  • Data Loss Prevention

Target Audience:

The Office 365 Records Management training is targeted for:

  • Records Management Team Members
  • Data Compliance Team Members
  • Information Security Team Members


During the training, you will get the following deliverables.

  • Hands-on training exercises
  • Quick Reference Guide

Class Size:

Each training session is strictly limited to 10 attendees.


What is the minimum notice period to book the training?

We require at least two weeks' notice to book the training session.

Where is the training held?

The training will be held online using Modern Work Solutions' training software.

What the are prerequisites for the training program?

Basic knowledge of records management is required for this training.

Does the trainer need access to our Office 365 tenant?

No, the trainer will use training Office 365 tenant managed by Modern Work Group.

Do I need to bring anything for the training?

Yes, you will need to bring your laptop to practice the hands-on training exercises.

What is the required Office 365 subscription to implement the learnings from this training?

Attendees must have either a Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance license, an Office 365 Enterprise E3 license with the Advanced Compliance add-on or be included in an Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscription.

Ready to get started?

The Microsoft 365 records management training modules can be tailored to suit your requirements. Book your free consultation call to discuss your training requirements.