Inspire Vol 1 - Reduce costs and implement secure modern workplace


We often get asked by our clients on how other organisations are implementing Microsoft 365 stack and achieving employee productivity while reducing costs. In this series of blog posts called Inspire, we bring you some curated customer stories to inspire you to implement Microsoft 365 to its potential and achieve your Modern Workplace goals.

Here are three real-world user testimonials on how Modern Workplaces solutions from Microsoft 365 can help your organisation to implement robust workplace.

Saving costs through remote work

"Every year, we hold a major IT conference for all our regional staff, which used to be a physical conference and cost us time and money. In 2019, it was all conducted successfully using Teams streaming capabilities, with 200 people online at the same time, and literally cost us nothing, as no one had to leave their desk. I estimate that alone saved us over USD 100,000."
- Ilya Kuchugin, Chief Information Officer Bank ZENIT

Cut out non-essential business expenses

"In the past, we had teams for user identity, email, infrastructure, collaboration tools, and so forth. Today, we’ve consolidated these teams, so we’re leaner and more agile... my team would have previously needed to launch an expensive IT project. Today, we’re able to fill these business needs using tools that already exist in Office 365. We just point our users to the Microsoft cloud.“
— Jean-Luc Grezes, Head of Software Asset Management, SUEZ

Deliver new methods of secure workforce efficiency

"We were able to retire five different business productivity tools and vendors, reducing costs and simplifying IT. That’s because Office 365 meets the levels of security, data privacy and control that we need in the financial industry.”
— Andrew Anker, Head of Infrastructure Services and Techonology Risk, AIA Company Limited

Disclaimer: Testimonials provide by Microsoft partner program. Modern Work Solutions is specialist Microsoft partner based in Melbourne, Australia.

Image Source: Gary Meulemans on Unsplash

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