How to use Microsoft Stream app in your organisation

Videos play an integral part of any businesses as the current trend emphasizes the importance of watching videos when compared to reading. Microsoft Stream app included in your Microsoft (Office) 365 commercial subscription, allows you to store and share videos within your organisation.

If you are not using Microsoft Stream yet, here is how you can use Microsoft Stream to as video platform in your organisation.

In summary, here are 11 use cases you can Microsoft Stream as video platform in your organisation.

  1. Record and share online meetings
  2. Transcribe video meetings
  3. Live stream meetings
  4. Host new employee onboarding training videos
  5. Create polls and quizzes alongside video
  6. Host sales videos such products demos
  7. Host help desk and customer service FAQ videos
  8. Include Stream videos in corporate communications
  9. Capture and share screen recordings
  10. Record and share offsite videos using Stream mobile
  11. Host customer/employee testimonial videos

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